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Household recycling and waste
Almost all households have a green wheelie bin for waste that cannot be recycled, plus a blue wheelie bin for recycling, and a small green container for food waste. Special arrangements have been made for properties that cannot use a wheelie bin. Residents have to pay for a brown wheelie bin for garden waste. Recycling and refuse are collected on alternate weeks. A calendar tells you which collection area you are in, and therefore which containers go out on which week. All food waste can be recycled but do not line the bin with a plastic bag and do not put in liquids, oil, or liquid fat. Apart from food waste, see below to find out what goes into which container.

For more information and to choose the size of bin you would like, see this site


Waste Recycling Centre
Oxfordshire County Council runs a large Household Waste Recycling Centre at Redbridge, just off the Abingdon Road, behind Redbridge Park & Ride. It is open from 8am-5pm Monday to Sunday. From April to September, it remains open until 8pm on Thursdays. It is closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Please contact the Oxfordshire County Council waste management team on 08450 50 45 50 or see their recycling centres web pages for more information. Redbridge recycles many items that are not currently collected, including computers, batteries, wood, rubble, car oil, cardboard, plastic bags, and furniture. There is also a useful A-Z directory of where you can recycle goods


Bulky waste items
You can arrange for bulky items that are beyond reuse or repair, such as cookers, beds and computers, to be collected by the City Council. For items in reasonable condition please see Furniture and white goods recycling below.



Furniture and white goods recycling
Emmaus Oxford will take furniture in reasonable condition, white goods in working condition, and old computers and televisions at their Secondhand Superstore on the Cowley Road. These are sold at low prices to people on benefits or with low incomes. They will collect if given notice (3 weeks' notice is ideal) but you can also take the goods yourself. To arrange a collection or delivery tel. 763698 or email: Further details of the Emmaus project can be found here.

Green Balloon Days or Greencycling

Green Balloon Days are organised by individual streets or groups of streets. Residents put unwanted items outside their houses and show that they have done so by hanging up a green balloon. Anyone is welcome to come along, see what is available and take away anything they like. Reuse is the greenest form of recycling.

Swap Shops
Swap Shops offer a chance to exchange all kinds of unwanted items. Just simply bring… or take… or swap! Anything you bring should be genuinely re-usable, non-hazardous, non-electrical, clean and able to be carried. See this site for local Swap Shops.

Nespresso pods
The nearest recycling point for Nespresso pods is Central in Little Clarendon Street. There are also collection points at Argos in town and on the Botley Road.

These can be taken to the Tesco's and Sainsbury's on the Banbury Road.

Charity shops
There are several charity shops in Summertown that are glad to receive unwanted items in good, saleable condition, such as Oxfam, Scope, Helen & Douglas House and Animal Sanctuary. No electrical goods.

Oxford Freegle
The Oxford Freegle  group is open  to all in the Oxford area who would prefer to see things re-used by others, rather than thrown away.  You can find homes for all sorts of things: unloved bicycles, pianos, sofas, fax machines, etc. You just post a message listing items you are either offering free or looking for yourself. All items must be FREE and LEGAL. Click this link for more information.

Daily Information
You can advertise items for sale, to swap or to give away in Daily Information. This is published as a broadsheet at least once a week (three times a week in university term time) and displayed all over Oxford. It is also available online.

You can advertise items for sale or to give away by putting a notice in the window of Pen to Paper for a small weekly charge.


Office Furniture and other office or trade items is a website that allows businesses and other organisations to pass on materials they no longer need and get pre-used materials from others. There are a range of different categories of items and materials that can be exchanged, from batteries to paper and furniture to paint and pallets. Visit the website for more details


Blue wheelie bin

Here's what you can, and can't, put in the blue wheelie bin. Please remember that all food containers should be clean:

Yes No
plastic bottles and lids polystyrene
plastic food pots and tubs black bin liners
plastictrays and punnets plastic toys/gadgets
clingfilm and bubblewrap confectionary wrappers
plant pots and trays

crisp packets

plastic food wrapping plastic film (except cling film)
plastic carrier bags  
Metal cans and foil
metal drinks cans food-soiled items
aluminium foil & containers other metal items
metal food tins, bottle tops  
discharged aerosols  
metal lids from glass jars  
clean cardboard and greetings cards  
cardboard tubes, packaging & egg boxes
loo roll inner tubes
egg boxes  
all paper, newspapers and magazines kitchen and tissue paper (even clean)
brochures,catalogues & directories (inc Yellow Pages) jiffy bags
wrapping paper confectionary wrappers
coloured office paper glued or painted paper
junk mail  
envelopes (inc window ones)
paperback books  
washed glass bottles and jars window panes, mirrors, glass cookware, light bulbs & striplights
Drinks cartons & Tetrapaks  
longlife, milk, juice & soup cartons  

batteries (place in clear plastic bag on top of green or blue bin on collection day)

small electricals (place in standard sized carrier bag on top of blue or green bin)

chinaware, textiles, mobile phones, electrical gadgets

Brown bin

Yes No
grass cuttings cardboard and paper
hedge trimmings soil/stones/rubble
garden prunings food/drink cartons
leaves flowerpots
small shrubs timber/logs
plants and weeds metal
cut flowers plastic
branches no larger than 5cm (2") in diameter all kitchen food waste
household waste
pet waste

For more information go to the Oxford City Council recycling page.