Oxford City Council

Summertown Ward
The councillors on the Summertown Ward of Oxford City Council are:


Jean Fooks (Liberal Democrat)
tel 310351. Email:cllrjfooks@oxford.gov.uk


Stuart McCready  (Liberal Democrat)
tel 553963. Email: cllrsmccready@oxford.gov.uk


North Area Forums
The Council has set up Area Forums in place of the previous Area Committees. It appears that the Forums will provide a chance for commuities to discuss matters of concern rather than having the legal decision-making power of the Committees. These powers seem to be have been taken back into the central Council. Planning applications, which were one of the major aspects of the Committees has been devolved to two new City-wide bodies: the East and West Area Planning Committees.


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Oxfordshire County Council

The Summertown and Wolvercote County Councillors are:


Jean Fooks (Liberal Democrat)
tel 310351. Email: jean.fooks@oxfordshire.gov.uk


John Goddard (Liberal Democrat)
tel 438961. Email: john.goddard@oxfordshire.gov.uk


The County Council is responsible for local services including education, social services, transport, roads (except trunk roads and motorways), public rights of way, and libraries.See the Oxfordshire County Council website.


Member of Parliament

Summertown is in the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency.


The MP is Nicola Blackwood (Conservative)

You can contact her via www.nicolablackwood.com

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